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For the World Is Hollow

And I Have Touched the Sky...

12 October 1982

I'm an IT guy who likes to enjoy a quiet evening listening to jazz, drinking a cup of tea, and chatting with my friends. One of my favorite things to do in life is taking a walk, usually into the city late at night or into the woods in the morning as the sun comes up... that's the best.

I'm a gay, libra, conservative-democrat, (but I've been known to vote republican at times --shh, don't tell the party!) - although, politics play a very minor role in my day-to-day life. I've always been a little cautious with speaking my opinion (especially about politics), but I'm assertive when I need to be.

I find myself reading most of the time when I'm alone. My choice of reading is frequently pop-authors, like Robin Cook; but enjoying poetry and the classics are something that I always strive for... ahh, Shakespeare.

I like to create goals (or objectives - it's a fuzzy term) every few months. I'm bad at seeing into the future, so I rarely plan out for more than 3 months, but I strive to make those goals happen, and learn from my mistakes.

I'd like to believe that I don't take life too seriously, but I also try not to seriously offend others... but if there's something I crossed the line on, or you just want to privately message me:
Questions, Comments, Concerns? Contact me at IndigoJake AT gmail DOT com

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Music is an art, and I like my art diverse:
I just sit back and (try) enjoy it all...

(even the crappy stuff).

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Notice: I've decided to create a second blog (at Blogger: Booting from the Shadow of a Broken Mirror) that is geared to IT... This will make it easier for me to keep a more "professional" blog for IT stuff, and keep this journal directed at my life experience. Hopefully, this makes people happy ^_^

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Color Bars!! w00t

Yuki Sohma is love <3

The Sohma family is love.

Witch Hunter Robin is love

FLCL is hard-core love

Full Metal Alchemist is love

Eiri Yuki is novelist love

InuYasha/Kagome-- A Love that Transcends Time.

RahXephon Is Mulian Love.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is Love

iPod is Digital Music Love

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Goals for Fall/Winter 2007 (work related)
  • _ Make better use of time
  • x Ensure that the intern(s) are well trained and able to fit into the corp. structure.
Goals for Fall/Winter 2007 (personal)
  • x Spend time outside, especially during fall.
  • _ Keep in-touch with old friends form college.
  • _ Continue to study Japanese, (focus on flash cards and rosetta)
  • x Utilize podcasts to keep updated in IT (MS TechNet podcasts, etc.)
  • _ Finish reading Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino.
  • _ Invest some time in Yeats.
  • _ Finish reading The Reality Dysfunction, Part 1
  • _ Finish reading the Agatha Christie books that Andrew has loaned to me.
  • _ Try to post at least once a month to Shadow of a Broken Mirror

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